Time Contact Author Affiliation of Contact Contact Email Addr. Type Session & Title Authors
07:45-08:15         Registration and Continental Breakfast  
08:15-08:30         Opening Remarks Luca Breveglieri and Israel Koren
          Invited paper 1 Chair: J-P Seifert
08:30-09:10         Blinded fault resistant exponentiation revisited Arnaud Boscher, Helena Handshuh and Elena Trichina
          Session 1 - Novel fault attacks 1 Chair: David Naccache
09:10-09:35         Optical fault attacks on AES: a threat in violet J.M. Schmidt; M. Hutter and T. Plos
09:35-10:00         Low voltage fault attacks on the RSA cryptosystem A. Barenghi, G. Bertoni, E. Parrinello and G. Pelosi
10:00-10:25         Fault attack on Schnorr based identification and signature schemes P.A. Fouque, D. Masgana and F. Valette
10:25-10:45         Coffee Break  
          Session 2 - Protecting against fault attacks Chair: Luca Breveglieri
10:45-11:10         Protecting RSA against fault attacks: the embedding method M. Joye
11:10-11:35         Securing the elliptic curve Montgomery ladder against fault attacks N. Ebeid and R. Lambert
11:35-12:00         Securing AES implementation against fault attacks L. Genelle, C. Giraud and E. Prouff
12:00-13:30         Lunch  
          Invited paper 2 Chair: Israel Koren
13:30-14:10         KeeLoq and side-channel analysis -  Evolution of an attack Christof Paar
          Session 3 - Novel fault attacks 2 Chair: Elisabeth Oswald
14:10-14:35         WDDL is protected against fault attacks N. Selmane, S. Bhasin, S. Guilley, T. Graba and J.L. Danger
14:35-15:00         Practical fault attack on a cryptographic LSI with ISO/IEC 18033-3 block ciphers T. Fukunaga and J. Takahashi
15:00-15:25         A fault attack on ECDSA J.M. Schmidt and M. Medwed
15:25-15:45         Coffee Break  
          Session 4 - Implementations of fault attacks Chair: Marc Joye
15:45-16:10         Fault analysis of the stream cipher Snow 3G B. Debraize and I. Marquez Corbella
16:10-16:35         Using optical emission analysis for estimating contribution to power analysis S. Skorobogatov
16:35-17:00         Differential fault analysis on SHACAL-1 R. Li, C. Li and C. Gong
17:00-17:15         Closing Remarks and Farewell Luca Breveglieri and Israel Koren