FDTC 2018: Presentation Slides

Opening Remarks
Keynote Talk
The SP800-90B approach to entropy sources
John Kelsey
Session 1 – Laser Fault Attacks
Laser fault injection at the CMOS 28 nm technology node: an analysis of the fault model
Jean-Max Dutertre, Vincent Beroulle, Stephan De Castro, Louis-Bathelemy Faber, Marie-Lise Flottes, Philippe Gendrier, David Hely, Régis Leveugle, Paolo Maistri, Giorgio Di Natale, Athanasios Papadimitriou and Bruno Rouzeyre
Latch-up-locked? – An empirical study on laser fault injection into ARM Cortex-M processors
Bodo Selmke, Kilian Zinnecker, Philipp Koppermann, Katja Miller, Johann Heyszl and Georg Sigl
Session 2 – Fault Attacks and Countermeasures
Breaking redundancy-based countermeasures with random faults and power side channel
Sayandeep Saha, Shivam Bhasin, Dirmanto Jap, Jakub Breier, Debdeep Mukhopadhyay and Pallab Dasgupta
Darth's saber: a key exfiltration attack for symmetric ciphers using laser light
Guido Bertoni, Vittorio Zaccaria, Maria Chiara Molteni and Filippo Melzani
Glitch-resistant masking schemes as countermeasure against fault sensitivity analysis
Victor Arribas, Thomas De Cnudde and Danilo Sijacic
Session 3 – Electromagnetic Fault Attacks
Genetic algorithm-based electromagnetic fault injection
Antun Maldini, Niels Samwel, Stjepan Picek and Lejla Batina
The impact of pulsed electromagnetic fault injection on true random number generators
Maxime Madau, Michel Agoyan, Josep Balash, Milos Grujic, Patrick Haddad, Philippe Maurine, Vladimir Rozic, Dave Singelee, Ingrid Verbauwhede and Bohan Yang