FDTC 2019: Presentation Slides

Opening remarks
Session 1 – Electromagnetic Fault Injection
Precise spatio-temporal electromagnetic fault injections on data transfers
Alexandre Menu, Shivam Bhasin, Jean-Max Dutertre, Jean-Baptiste Rigaud and Jean-Luc Danger
Electromagnetic fault injection: how faults occur
Mathieu Dumont, Philippe Maurine and Mathieu Lisart
Session 2 – Fault Attacks and Countermeasures
Persistent fault analysis of OCB, DEOXYS and COLM
Michael Gruber, Matthias Probst and Michael Tempelmeier
Hardware-oriented algebraic fault attack framework with multiple fault injection support
Mael Gay, Tobias Paxian, Devanshi Upadhyaya, Bernd Becker and Ilia Polian
Analyzing software security against complex fault models with frama-C value analysis
Johan Laurent, Christophe Deleuze, Vincent Beroulle and Florian Pebay-Peyroula
Keynote Talk I
Design considerations for executing multiple distrusting applications on a secure RISCV processor
Joel Wittenauer
Session 3 – Physical Attacks
LLFI: lateral laser fault injection attack
Joaquin Rodriguez Carunchio, Alex Baldomero Marin, Victor Montilla Gispert and Jordi Mujal
RAM-jam: remote temperature and voltage fault attack on FPGAs using memory collisions
Md Mahbub Alam, Shahin Tajik, Fatemeh Ganji, Mark Tehranipoor and Domenic Forte
Keynote Talk II
It's all nice, but can we trust the hardware?
Daniel Genkin