FDTC 2023: Presentation Slides

Opening remarks
Fault attack friendliness of post-quantum cryptosystems
Alessandro Barenghi, Gerardo Pelosi
Session 1 – Fault Attack Models and Countermeasures
A tale of two models: discussing the timing and sampling EM fault injection models
Jean-Luc Danger, Jean-Max Dutertre, Roukoz Nabhan, Jean-Baptiste Rigaud and Laurent Sauvage
Voronoi based multidimensional parameter optimization for fault injection attacks
Marius Eggert and Marc Stöttinger
A compositional methodology to harden programs against multi-faults attacks
Etienne Boespflug, Abderrahmane Bouguern, Mounier Laurent and Marie-Laure Potet
Session 2 – Fault Injecton Analysis and Tools
Analysis of arbitrary waveform generation for voltage glitches
Vincent Immler and Stanislav Lyakhov
A better practice of body biasing injection
Geoffrey Chancel, Jean-Marc Gallière and Philippe Maurine
PicoEMP: a low-cost EMFI platform compared to BBI and voltage fault injection using TDC & external VCC measurements
Colin O'Flynn
Session 3 – Fault Attacks on SW and HW Devices
Fault attacks on a cloud-assisted ECDSA white-box based on the residue number system
Christophe Giraud and Agathe Houzelot
Forging DILITHIUM and FALCON signatures by single fault injection
Sven Bauer and Fabrizio De Santis
DeepCover DS28C36: a hardware vulnerability identification and exploitation using T-test and double laser fault injection
Karim Abdellatif and Olivier Hériveaux