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FDTC 2006 Final Programme - Tuesday 10 October 2006


08:00-08:40. Registration + Coffee (Continental Breakfast)


08:40-08:50. Opening remarks


First Invited Talk


8:50-9:20. Fault attacks, an intuitive approach

Raphael Bauduin


Session I. Public key fault attacks

Chair Luca Breveglieri


09:25-09:45. Is it wise to publish your Public RSA Keys?

Shay Gueron, Jean-Pierre Seifert


09:45-10:05. Attacking right-to-left Modular Exponentiation with Timely Random Faults

Michele Boreale


10:05-10:25. Java Type Confusion and Fault Attacks

Olli Vertanen


10:25-11:10. Coffee break


Session II. Secret key fault attacks

Chair Shay Gueron


11:10-11:30. A Fault Attack Against the FOX Cipher Family

Luca Breveglieri, Israel Koren, Paolo Maistri


11:30-11:50. Fault Based Collision Attacks on AES

Johannes Blömer, Volker Krummel


11:50-12:10. Collision Fault Analysis of DPA-Resistant Algorithms

Frederic Amiel, Christophe Clavier, Michael Tunstall


12:10-14:00. Lunch

Second Invited Talk


14:00-14:30. Safe design methodologies against fault attacks

Bruno Robisson


Session III. Secret key fault protection

Chair Akashi Satoh


14:35-14:55. An Easily Testable and Reconfigurable Pipeline for Symmetric Block Ciphers

Myeong-Hyeon Lee, Yoon-Hwa Choi


14:55-15:15. Case Study of a Fault Attack on Asynchronous DES Crypto-Processors

Yannick Monnet, Marc Renaudin, Régis Leveugle, Christophe Clavier, Pascal Moitrel


15:15-15:50. Coffee break


Session IV. Public key fault attack protection

Chair Guido Bertoni


15:55-16:15. Wagner’s Attack on a Secure CRT-RSA Algorithm Reconsidered

Johannes Blömer, Martin Otto


16:15-16:35. Blinded Fault Resistant Exponentiation

Guillaume Fumaroli, David Vigilant


16:35-16:55. Non-linear Residue Codes for Robust Public-Key Arithmetic

Gunnar Gaubatz, Mark G. Karpovsky, Berk Sunar


16:55-17:10. Closing remarks