Workshop on Fault Detection and Tolerance in Cryptography

Edinburgh, UK, 2-nd september 2005

Co-chairs: Luca Breveglieri, Israel Koren


Programme – with presentation slides


Session 1: Cryptographic Systems and Fault Attacks Overview

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Luca Breveglieri, Israel Koren, Politecnico di Milano, Milano; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA

On Fault Attacks and Trusted Computing, Jean Pierre Seifert, invited lecture

Robust Codes for Fault Attack Resistant Cryptographic Hardware, Konrad Kulikowski, Mark Karpovsky, Alexander Taubin


Session 2: Attack and Protection Methods of Secret and Public Key

Round Reduction Using Faults, Michael Tunstall, Hamid Choukri

Sign Change Fault Attacks On Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems, Martin Otto, Johannes Bloemer, Jean Pierre Seifert

Robust Finite Field Arithmetic for Fault-Tolerant Public-Key Cryptography, Gunnar Gaubatz, Berk Sunar

A Fault Attack on Pairing Based Cryptography, Daniel Page, Fre Vercauteren


Session 3: Evaluation Models for Fault Attacks and Countermeasures

Cryptographic Key Reliable Lifetimes: Bounding the Risk of Key Exposure in the Presence of Faults, Alfonso De Gregorio

An Adversarial Model for Fault Analysis against Low-Cost Cryptographic Devices, Kerstin Lemke, Christof Paar

Crypto BIST: A Built-In Self Test Architecture for Crypto Chips, Bo Yang, Ramesh Karri

A Comparative Cost / Security Analysis of Fault Attack Countermeasures, Francois-Xavier Standaert, Tal Malkin, Moti Yung


Session 4: Attack and Protection Methods for RSA

Practical Fault Countermeasures for Chinese Remaindering Based RSA, Marc Joye, Mathieu Ciet

Incorporating Error Detection in a RSA Architecture, Paolo Maistri, Luca Breveglieri, Israel Koren

Fault-resistant RSA Implementation, Christophe Giraud

Injection of Multiple Bit-Flips for Counter Measures Validation, Régis Leveugle, K. Hadjiat, A. Ammari

Closing Remarks and Farewell