FDTC 2012: Presentation Slides

Opening remarksList of attendees
Keynote Talk I
Techniques for EM Fault Injection: Equipments and Experimental Results
Philippe Maurine
Session 1 – Fault Injection and Simulation
Electromagnetic Transient Faults Injection on a Hardware and Software Implementation of AES
Amine Dehbaoui, Jean-Max Dutertre, Bruno Robisson and Assia Tria
Circuit Simulation for Fault Sensitivity Analysis and its Application to Cryptographic LSI
Takeshi Sugawara, Daisuke Suzuki and Toshihiro Katashita
Session 2 – Differential Fault Analysis
Differential Fault Analysis on Lightweight Blockciphers with Statistical Cryptanalysis Techniques
Dawu Gu, Juanru Li, Sheng Li, Zheng Guo and Junrong Liu
A DFA on AES based on the Entropy of Error Distributions
Ronan Lashermes, Guillaume Reymond, Jean-Max Dutertre, Jacques Fournier, Bruno Robisson and Assia Tria
Differential Fault Analysis on Groestl
Wieland Fischer and Christian A. Reuter
Keynote Talk II
It's not my Fault – on Fault Attacks on Symmetric Cryptography
Bart Preneel
Session 3 – Fault Analysis
Combined Fault and Side-Channel Attacks on the AES Key Schedule
François Dassance and Alexandre Venelli
Harnessing biased Faults in Attacks on ECC-based Signature Schemes
Celine Blondeau, Kimmo Jarvinen, Dan Page and Michael Tunstall
Session 4 – Countermeasures
On the Need of Randomness in Fault Attack Countermeasures – Application to AES
Adrian Thillard, Thomas Roche and Victor Lomne
An Efficient Countermeasure against Fault Sensitivity Analysis using Configurable Delay Block
Sho Endo, Yang Li, Naofumi Homma, Kazuo Sakiyama, Kazuo Ohta and Takafumi Aoki
Random Active Shield
Sylvain Guilley, Sébastien Briais, Thibault Porteboeuf, Jean-Luc Danger, Jean-Michel Cioranesco and David Naccache