FDTC 2015: Presentation Slides

Opening remarks  –  List of participants
Keynote Talk I
Fault Attacks at the System Level – The Challenge of Securing Application Software
Stefan Mangard
Session 1 – Fault Injection: Models and Techniques
EM Injection: Fault Model and Locality
Sebastien Ordas, Ludovic Guillaume-Sage and Philippe Maurine
On the Complexity Reduction of Laser Fault Injection Campaigns using OBIC Measurements
Falk Schellenberg, Markus Finkeldey, Bastian Richter, Maximilian Schaepers, Nils Gerhardt, Martin Hofmann and Christof Paar
Session 2 – DFA: Models and Techniques
Improved Differential Fault Attack on the Block Cipher SPECK
Yuming Huo, Fan Zhang, Xiutao Feng and Li-Ping Wang
DFA: A Novel Approach for Robust Differential Fault Analysis
Luca Magri, Silvia Mella, Filippo Melzani, Pasqualina Fragneto and Beatrice Rossi
Lost in Translation: Fault Analysis of Infective Security Proofs
Alberto Battistello and Christophe Giraud
Keynote Talk II
The Need for Intrinsic Hardware Security below 65 nm
Mathias Wagner
Session 3 – Fault Injection Attacks to Cipher Families
To Exploit Fault Injection on non-Injective Sboxes
Guillaume Bethouart and Nicolas Debande
An Efficient One-Bit Model for Differential Fault Analysis on Simon Family
Juan Grados, Fabio Borges, Renato Portugal and Pedro Lara
Session 4 – Fault Attacks to Cryptographic Devices
Singular Curve Point Decompression Attack
ohannes Blömer and Peter Günther
Laser Fault Attack on Physically Unclonable Functions
Shahin Tajik, Heiko Lohrke, Fatemeh Ganji, Jean-Pierre Seifert and Christian Boit
Improving Fault Attacks on Embedded Software using RISC Pipeline Characterization
Bilgiday Yuce, Nahid Farhady Ghalaty and Patrick Schaumont